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Concrete Flooring Options For Home

Author:Machine Time:2011-07-02
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A fabulous concrete floor surface can be created with acid staining polishing or painting with epoxy joseph lewitin is a flooring expert who contributed home improvement content for the spruce for four years coloring and finishing options for concrete floors concrete basement floor slabs.

Are you remodeling your house and looking for the best diy flooring options and ideas that you can use youre in luck here are all 20 of them menu in my current house and our first home we purchased we had laminate flooring it too has its pros and cons that should be considered paper and concrete flooring.

best flooring for concrete slab foundation the best options for flooring over a concrete slab foundation are woodlaminate carpet or tile for your whole house woodlaminate many concrete floors have a tendency to get damp so when you are installing wood floors over a concrete slab foundation there are some important things that you need.

Clear concrete sealer is one the leastexpensive options and its easy to apply its a topical garage floor coating that helps protect against water mild chemicals oil and road salts application is easy so its diy.

Concrete floors offer numerous options in design color and texture click on the videos below to get advice from bob harris on the design styles available for concrete flooring including details of which styles are most conducive for various environments.

Diy concrete floor step by step once i had the appropriate supplies i reviewed directions for a diy concrete floor found here and here essentially you pour some ardex feather finish its a powder into your bucket and add some water then stir youre going for the texture of a.

Easy cheap flooring concrete designwise concrete has evolved over the past few years and is now incorporated into many aspects of a home like this surprisingly elegant table or these more utilitarian designs with concrete blocks concrete floors and counter tops are just a couple of examples.

If its finally time for a new patio or to redo the old one there are lots of cool options other than just boring concrete these 9 creative outdoor patio flooring ideas can be done without a contractor and can be done in weekend.

cheap flooring ideas doing something anything to our dated kitchen and mudroom linoleum floors has been on my mind lately while our the rest of our house has beautiful white oak hardwoods our kitchen and mudroom were a later addition.

the best flooring options for your home gym home workouts all start with the ground youre walking and sweating on you might already have an unfinished basement space with concrete floor.

if you are willing to spend up to 2 per square foot for thicker vinyl plank you can find more options with a wear layer 3mm or 4mm thick lvp and lvt can give your home the look of wood or natural stone flooring for a fraction of the cost and unlike laminate it feels good to walk on the downside is that most luxury vinyl has issues when it comes to the environment.

another flooring option for a high activity basement area is an epoxy floor coating due to the increased popularity of epoxy coatings for concrete floors in recent years the actual quality of.

concrete just might be your most ecofriendly flooring option if theres already a concrete slab in your home or apartment all you need to do is have it sanded and sealed you need only minimal additional materials meaning your impact on the environment is tiny whats more concrete lasts a long time were talking centuries.

if you like pivoting with the seasons hottest design its important to make sure that your homes more permanent points like flooring can pivot with you a concrete floor is a blank slate this year while concrete is hot you might choose to leave most of your floor exposed.

source pinterest painted concrete floors look great on any floor in your home including garage basement living room patio or balcony you can stain paint decorate age pattern or etch your concrete floor to get the look you want one layer at a time.

painting those floors was our perfect fix but there are so many gorgeous but cheap flooring ideas out there that you are sure to find one here that is perfect for your home dont let your floors hold you back from giving your room a complete makeover check out the amazing ideas below and get inspired.

in this upstate family home designed by studio db the concrete floors are complemented and livened up by cool tones in plush materials like the green carpet and gray sofa and accents and.

to learn all about this pareddown material and how the pros make it pop at home read on for twenty stylish concrete floor ideas sleek durable and surpisingly homey.

before installing any flooring option make sure there are no moisture issues with the concrete slab if there are laminate and wood wouldnt be good choices because they tend to absorb water resilient vinyl floors are often used in basements because vinyl is unaffected by moisture and is low maintenance.

16 times when concrete floors made living rooms look stunning there was a time when bare concrete floors stayed well hidden beneath carpets parquet flooring and tiles when it was inconceivable to leave them exposed and the very idea that they could look good like that was not even taken into consideration.

Properly sealed concrete floors shrug off dirt grit stains spills and hard impacts a little sweeping and damp mopping is all thats required to keep them looking like new beautiful design options modern techniques for concrete finishing have moved concrete floors from hohum to luxurious.

Revive your concrete surface with this behr premium revive your concrete surface with this behr premium granite grip decorative floor coating it is a great option for filling in hairline cracks and hiding imperfections in horizontal surfaces such as walkways patios porches garage floors.

Similar guides from home flooring pros allow you to compare concrete flooring to stone tile hardwood and other options you might be considering concrete floors at our pinterest flooring board were building a library of concrete flooring pictures in our pinterest library.

Stained concrete floors align with the cost of other types of installed flooring costs range from 2 to 30 per square foot depending on the complexity of the job existing concrete floors or slabs ready for staining fall at the lower end of the price range while newly installed concrete floors with custom details are the most expensive.

The nine flooring options listed here are the most popular choices but theyre not the only ones look through home decorating magazines and websites and youll see a variety of other flooring types such as stone tile stained concrete terrazzo and rubber flooring.

The right flooring is at lowes lowes can help you find the best flooring to fit your lifestyle and home dcor whether its choosing a practical solution for hightraffic areas or recreating a trendy style you saw on pinterest we have the types of flooring and floor finishes youre looking for.

There are a number of concrete floor finishes that you could choose for the interior of your home concrete is one of the most durable types of flooring and it can be highly customized to fit your design on to learn about a few of the different indoor concrete floor finishing options.

Though concrete floors can be used throughout the house they are most popular for basements kitchens living areas and garages top concrete finishing options what floor finishes are available for concrete and which is the right one for your home take a look below for our list of the most popular concrete floor finishing options in portland.

When compared price wise to more expensive floor options like marble slate and ceramic tile concrete flooring is a costeffective alternative in addition the natural life span of concrete floors will outlast the more commonly used inexpensive floor coverings like vinyl tiles carpeting and simulated woods.