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Oneida Gorilla Dust Collector

Author:Machine Time:2010-01-31
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1.5 hp / 110v mini-gorilla portable cyclone dust collector with u.s. motor, premium hepa filter, liner bag holder, bin view window 4.6 out of 5 stars 2 $1,500.00 $ 1,500 . 00.

324 x 660mm industrial dust collector pleated filter bag industrial cyclone dust collector with polypropylene filter cartridge. ecograce filter cartridge developed to replace traditional dust filter bags and cages, each pleated bag filter has a one-piece construction design which allows it to be used in new dust collection systems.pleated bag filters offer more filtration media than .

Aug 06, 2019 oneida has better rated filters. clearvue filters arent hepa certified and are only 99.99% at 0.5 micron vs 99.97% at 0.3 micron. that is a huge difference. the main reason i went oneida. clearvue has a better cyclone design. i just wish they offered a 3hp version.

Aug 22, 2019 dust collection on the cnc routers increased to nearly 100% when we switched to pressure foot dust shrouds like the ones axyz uses. the older, brushed dust-shoe with 4 hose powered by a 3hp dust collector couldnt pull chips out of the kerfs. with the pressure foot, a shop vac will clear the kerfs. i could see using a supercell in the future.

Awarded a best tool by fine woodworking magazine, the mini-gorilla cyclone dust collector is the tool of choice for small shops looking for a mobile solution that never compromises on air performance or filtration. benefits amp features premium quality, u.s. made fan blower motor, custom designed and tooled for oneida air systems by weg.

Dec 11, 2012 im in the market for a new dust collector and ive been reading a great deal. in fact, based on reviews of quick turn around and excellecnt customer service, ive placed an order with oenida for their mini-gorilla. its a 110 cyclone system with 650 cfm. the mobile base and steel drum were extra but were talking over $1,000 to get this to my .

Dec 16, 2013 i have an oneida 2hp dust gorilla and have had it for over 5 years. never a problem. cost as i recall was around $1,000. ducting and gates were extra. the unit in photo looks like it might be larger than mine. ive rigged mine to dump into a 90 gallon trash container. i dondt think you can go wrong with oneida. hope this helps.-- gary.

Description portable, powerful, amp perfectly designed. the new molded mini-gorilla is one of oneida airs best designed systems to date designed specifically for small shops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, our new mini-gorilla combines the quality and performance of an industrial system with the features and convenience of personal home units.

Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for oneida cyclone dust collector -- 3hp dust gorilla portable at the best online prices at ebay free shipping for many products.

For over two decades oneida air systems has been renowned as the industry leader in dust collection - never compromising on performance or filtration - to.

From $ 3,499.00. oneida 3hp v-3000 hepa dust collector free standing. no reviews. $ 2,499.00. oneida supercell high-pressure dust collector - 14 gallon. no reviews. $ 2,395.00. oneida 35 gal. steel drum kit for super dust deputy (5 amp 6 ) no reviews.

Industrial cyclonic dust collection systems oneida air. designed to provide maximum airflow performance and minimum downtime for maintenance, oneida airsindustrialcyclonicdust collectionsystems are proudly made in the usa by craftsmen, for craftsmen. choose from machines up to 20hp in size, with configurable options for both system mounting .

Jan 18, 2017 36 posts. 2 nov 29, 2016. i dont know anything specific about these 2 machines but on first glance i would think the oneida wold be more efficient since it has a longer, narrow funnel. this design should be more efficient - more dust/chips will end up.

Jan 23, 2017 as with many of the products featured on the wood whisperer, the cyclone was provided by oneida in exchange for exposure in a video. as always, my opinions are my own. to learn more about the dust gorilla pro models and features, click here. assembly of a.

Jul 08, 2016 oneida mini gorilla. took a couple weeks to get dust collector. not bad. had some hesitation with housing being plastic. then again car intake manifolds have been plastic for a long time. it is very light. putting it together took some patience. there are many fasteners. it would have been good to segregate them to make finding them easier.

Jul 29, 2016 oneida super dust gorilla - 5 hp. several months ago, i purchased a new dust collector. before, i had a jet 1.5 hp dust collector with a cartridge filter and vortex cone. it did an ok job and was piped into my shop with 4 pvc. my measurements of the flow at the dust collector were 670 cfm at the 6 port and only 450 cfm at the 4 port .

Mar 12, 2015 for many years, dust collection in my shop had been the basic bag-over-bag single-stage collector familiar to most of us small shop woodworkers. a few years ago i upgraded to the oneida mini gorilla, a cyclone collector, and it has been excellent. ive received many inquiries about it from woodworkers considering upgrading their dust collection system, so i hope this report will be.

Mar 12, 2016 the oneida air mini gorilla dust collector filter is a ge certified true-hepa media cartridge filter. oneida airs filters are hospital-grade true-hepa media cartridges specifically engineered for dust collection. theyre specially designed for low pressure drop and fast dust release for easy maintenance. you can also use the easy-clean .

Nov 02, 2015 11-02-2015, 0126 pm re oneida super gorilla dust collector by ed kerns (about a year ago, i ) ed, i have a super gorilla installed that directly vents outside. the.

Oct 30, 2016 okay that being the case id suggest looking at something more like the oneida v-3000. as brendon_t mentioned the gorilla mini is more of a high end shop-vac type collector and even directly connected to each tool with a run of 10ft or so of flex hose it would probably barely pull enough cfm for larger chip and dust producers like a planer or edge/drum sander (in case you add one of those in .

Oneida 1.5hp mini gorilla cyclone dust collector designed specifically for smaller workshops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, oneidas mini-gorilla combines the quality and performance of a commercial system with the features and convenience of personal home units.

Oneida air systems is proud to introduce the latest evolution of our world famous cyclone dust collectors the new dust gorilla pro. combining the award-winning features of our super dust gorilla with the rugged construction of our pro series, this new system will help you maximize your investment and ensure that your shop is running at peak .

Oneida air systems the dust gorilla. clear vue owners 13 clear vue cyclone. grizzly 2hp owners 6 grizzly g0440 2 hp cyclone dust collector. cyclone dust collector resources build your own cyclone dust collector (bill pentz plan) dust collection basics this is info from bill pentz, who developed the design behind the clear vue.

Oneida air systems xgk050055 5hp dust gorilla pro smart boost dust collector-choosing the best dust collector for your shop can be difficult, especial important notice regarding your order close due to increased volume and safety measures, we are experiencing delays in processing times and order fulfillment.

Oneida dust collectors for woodworking. 1500 cfm 16 amp 5micron woodworking dust collector with 50 gal collection bag and mobile base remember when you had a clean work shop remember when you had a clean work shop control the mess and minimize cleanup with the wen 1500 cfm 5micron dust collector this powerful motor provides up to 16 amp of dust collection power creating 1500.

Oneida mini gorilla. i was searching for a portable (one machine at a time) dust collector for my basement shop. after much research and anguish i settled on the oneida air systems mini gorilla. oneida cut the price to $795.00 and threw in a plastic dust deputy diy cyclone. they also cut the price on the remote control upgrade to $30.

Oneida v-system 3000 - 3 hp dust cyclone five months ago, i replaced a 1983-era 4-bag, 3-hp grizzly model g1030 dust collector with a v-system 3000. the grizzly had 3 micron bags over the factory 30 micron cloth bags, so most dust was trapped in the cloth.

Sep 18, 2021 oneida mini gorilla dust collector 110volt ac, 5 to 4 steel flex elbow, 10.5 ft 4 pvc with ground wire, 3-4 blast gates, 1-2.5 blast gate plus a spare 4 blast gate, 10ft 4 flex hose, 10ft 2.5 new flex hose, wireless remote control, custom wall mount.

The mini-gorilla cyclone dust collector is one of oneida air systems best designed products to date designed specifically for smaller workshops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, our mini-gorilla combines the quality and performance of a commercial system with the features and convenience of personal home units.

The oneida dust gorilla will most likely work also in the same scenario. given that the machines from which dust will be collected are heavy duty dust/chip producers, id.