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Ways To Cut Concrete

Author:Machine Time:2009-05-18
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in this video we are cutting concrete with a circular saw aka skil saw the blade that i am using is a bosch db741c 7inch premium segmented diamond blade these blades can be used to cut cement.

if you dont want to fill up your underwear drawer with concrete dust hire a wet saw concrete contractor they come out with a large diamond tipped blade cooled with a water spray they hand you the wet vac to pick up the wet slurry from the cut no cracking no dust no ragged edges to pour to and it takes no time at all.

cutting a cinder block with a circular saw will be loud and create a lot of concrete dust always wear a surgical mask to protect your lungs when splitting or cutting cinder blocks the dust that this kicks up can damage your lungs if you inhale it to protect your hearing from the loud saw also wear a pair of soundblocking earmuffs or ear plugs.

Broken concrete does not have to be sent to the landfill broken concrete can be used around the yard in many ways flip large pieces of concrete over powerwash them and turn them into a lowcost stonelook pathway stack the concrete pieces up and create a short garden wall make short retaining walls.

Cut metal fast theres nothing wrong with using a good oldfashioned hacksaw but there are faster easier ways to cut metal well show you power tool tips and techniques for cutting the types and thicknesses of metal that diyers handle the most.

Cut the concrete set the diamond blade on the concrete wet saw to a depth of 4 12 inches and cut along both chalk lines this is noisy and can be time consuming depending on the amount of steel.

Cutting a concrete slab will not prevent cracking the purpose of cutting is to encourage cracking in control joints where cracking wont visibly detract from the surface of the slab cutting concrete all the way through meanwhile is a bigger job made harder the older the concrete is.

Demolishing concrete is a heavyduty task that calls for heavyduty tools most concrete demolition projects call for the use of a jack hammer or hammer drill occasionally very small areas of concrete must be removed from a larger project or you may simply need to.

best way to bust up concrete floor if youre cutting heat tubing as i did on my last job like this also rent a smaller hammer to chip around the tubes to couple them after remove advertisements sponsored links advertisement.

using a skil saw to cut concrete you just need a diamond blade for your saw i just needed to get a cut in to break it off thick concrete a skil saw wont be able to get a big enough blade in.

How to cut concrete easy ways to cut tough concrete concretemost of us have a lovehate relationship with it concrete cutting tools diamond blades are a diyers best friend concrete saw cutting dos and donts if your cut doesnt need to be exact required tools for this cutting concrete.

If you need to cut a shallow channel into a concrete floor to accommodate plumbing electrical or another purpose the quickest and easiest way is with a diamondblade wet concreteasphalt saw.

carbidetipped woodcutting blades have fewer teeth than other circular saw blades and the carbide can withstand the strain of the cement choose the blade that has the least number of teeth the smaller number of teeth on the blade will minimize the amount of concrete dust that is released from cutting the board.

how to cut cement backer board for your next tile job cement backer board is a diyers friendit will let you lay down tile without using a thick bed of mortar but youll need to cut.

easy way to cut concrete pavement wet and dry cut warning please do not do it like me wear safety shoes specially if your electricity supply has no safety circuit breaker and your doing wet.

Next apply a concrete adhesive to the surface using a paintbrush allow it to dry slightly so that it has a sticky texture once you have a good sticky surface for the concrete simply add water to premixed concrete and patch the crack for small patching jobs use a premixed concrete patch.

whether youre cutting concrete blocks slabs walls or floors using the right equipment and techniques will make the job easier safer and more precise of course wear protective gear when cutting concrete a heavy longsleeved shirt pants steeltoed boots gloves face shield hearing protection and a dust mask knee pads and shin protectors will further protect your legs.

usually you have to rent a cement cutter it will be gas powered and put out a lot of fumes this saw will cut concrete without the expense of renting or buying a gas powered saw here is a link to.

One of the easiest techniques used to cut cement backer board is to score the sheet and then snap it along the cut line lay your cement board flat and draw a line with a carpenters pencil.

Power saw and concrete blade for a larger project or more accurate cuts a circular saw with a concrete blade is a good option mark the cut and clamp the stone or paver to a stable work surface cut the block allowing the saw and blade to do most of the work dont apply too much force.

cut grooves into your concrete these are called control joints and direct the concretes inevitable cracking in such a way that appearance and functionality are minimally affected these should cut 25 of the way through the concretes depth the distance between joints should be no more than 24 times the thickness of the slab.

best worst concrete saws diamond blades from makita hilti dewalt stihl echo and husqvarna duration 3411 stanley dirt monkey genadek 72369 views.

Setting pavers in sand is one of the easiest ways for a homeowner to build his own patio or pathway pavers can be made of concrete stone clay or composite materials the easiest way to cut.

Sometimes whole concrete blocks will not fit into the space theyre meant to be placed youll need to cut them to the proper size and you have a few choices of how to go about making the break the method you choose depends on how rough or how smooth you wish the cut to be and on what tools you have at your disposal.

Step 3 mark the places you want to cut on the concrete slab either using chalk line good for long straight edges or chalk apply the line as thick as possible youll ideally run a trickle of water over the concrete as you cut in order to keep airborne dust at a minimum and you.

The cutoff concrete saw is used to cut contraction joints sometimes called control joints in a concrete slab the joints are cut to encourage the concrete to crack where a joint has been precut instead of in the middle of the slab cutoff saws are most often used on decorative stamped concrete patios or driveways and pool decks where.

The following list details the different ways you can go about cutting concrete paver slabs to suit your needs option 1 cut pavers the old fashioned way if you need to make a cut in a concrete paver the old fashioned way of doing it requires the fewest tools however it does require some elbow grease and a sensible pair of safety glasses.

The simplest way to cut concrete wallboard or cement backer board is not to use power tools at all similar to the way drywall is cut it is possible to score the cement board and snap it along that scoreline it is possible to use a drywall knife to score cement board sometimes but it will wear down the blade and take some effort.

To cut through the steel and concrete rent a walkbehind concrete wet saw fitted with a diamond blade a wet saw will reduce the amount of airborne concrete dust but youll still need to wear a.

When landscaping or designing your outdoors living space you may desire to cut back the curb to make way for a drive way or other needed entrance to make the neccessry adjustments to your curbside you will need a few tools and some patience keping your mind clear and focused when using your.